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Tired of Complex, Frustrating Contact Management Software?
Ready for Something Amazingly
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Whether you just want to manage and organize your home address book or you need your business to run more efficiently.

Contact Wolf provides you with the features and tools you need to finally make managing your contact data effortless and in a way that makes sense to you.
Ultra Easy to Use
Simple to learn & quick to master, you'll be adding your contacts in seconds. Our intuitive design and interface makes it a common sense user experience.
Network Compatible
Designed to be a "stand alone" product or work well in any network environment and share the database.
Powerful Features at a Low Price
Priced at only a fraction of the cost of other comparable contact management products but offers equal and often more useful features including our FREE support
Home & Business Ready
Perfect to just keep track of your home address book & powerful enough to run your business.
Life-Time FREE Upgrades
You get a Life-Time software license that entitles you to all the upgrades and any other improvements completely Free.
Imports Your Current Contact Data
Imports your old address book data from almost any contact manager ( including Outlook, Google, Smart Phones etc)

Contact Wolf will Transform the Way you Manage your Address Book & Contact Data

Managing all of your personal and business contact information can be an overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating experience. Keeping your contacts well organized, up-to-date and linked is key for increasing productivity, networking and saving time. Finding information will no longer be an arduous task. Organizing your contacts will become intuitive and effortless.
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Get Organized!

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Create Groups to organize and categorize your contacts "Your Way". Create Groups for your Friends, Clients, Family, Co-workers, medical contacts, business vendors or anything!



Powerful Search

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Quickly and easily find the information you need in seconds with powerful Search & Find options. Control which data fields are searched and Link multiple keywords with a plus sign "+" to only find matches that satisfy your targeted search criteria.


Easy Access Help

address book software Help system image

Includes a detailed Help System that lets you find the answers you need when you need it. We've flattened the "learning curve" so you can spend your time productively.


Auto Backup

Automatic backup options insure the integrity and safety of your valuable data and insures you will never suffer a data loss. Select a Folder to receive the backups and never worry about it again.


Contact Wolf Includes Many Useful Tools & Features to Save You Time and Make Your Life Less Complicated

> Alarm Reminders (including by email)
> Automatic Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
> Prints Address Labels & Reports
> Detailed Contact History Log for any record
> Link Images, Documents & Files to Contacts
> Saves Social Media Addresses (FaceBook, Twitter, etc)
Contact Wolf Main Window Screen Shot
> Built-In Bulk Email Engine
> Get Directions to any address
> Create a Personal Internet Phone Address Book
> Phone Dialer
> Password protect Records to Hide from View
> Auto Backup that insures your Database stays Safe

Join Thousands of Satisfied Home & Business Customers that use Contact Wolf Address Book Software
Everyday to Effortlessly Manage all their Contact Information.


Greg L. , PA

"I purchased it for my wife to run her home based small business and she absolutely loves it."



Tom Mintz

"I just downloaded the new version with the Birthday reminders and its awesome! Thanks for a great addition to an already great product."


Sam Orwell, CNET

"Superb design and easy to learn. I use it at home and to run my business. The best contact manager software I've ever used."


Patty T. LA CA

"Thank you for such easy to use contact management software. It's wonderful."

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